MPCC Program Page Submission

  • Short and to the point. Lead with the more specific or common language title.

    Yes: Marketing (Business Administration)
    No: Business Administration (Marketing)
  • Sell your program to the visitor in a paragraph or two. What is special about this program at MPCC? Why should someone study it at MPCC?
  • Which campuses? Online?
  • Do you have any that are professional and you really like? The marketing team will provide one otherwise.
    Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, png, gif.
  • Do you have any short videos of your labs, student testimonials, a welcome from your professors, or other marketing focused video? If so, please provide the URL.
  • Are there special physical requirements for the program? Do you need to buy special equipment?
  • What might a student do after graduation? What careers does this program prepare students for? What is happening in this field in terms of career opportunities?
  • At least 1 per program is required. One statistic that highlights something great about the program. Number of grads finding jobs? Number of new high tech labs? Percentage of students who go on to a 4-year degree? Try to pick something that you can maintain easily and will resonate with prospective students.
  • Something short and real. If programs can’t provide one, then we’ll use something more general about the college.
  • Are there other related programs? Just looking for a list.
  • Could be info about transfer to other study or programs. Could be just, “To the workforce.”
  • If there are scholarships specific to the program (such as a scholarship only for nursing students), provide some basic info here and link out to more information. If left blank, we’ll add a link to general scholarship information.
  • Are there special programs or partnerships that connect students with internships?
  • Who should be listed as the point of contact for students interested in more information? Name, title, phone number, and email address.
  • What’s the approximate cost of this program? (Can be a range.)
  • Extra fees for certain programs - equipment etc.
  • A list of faculty associated with this program.
  • Add more sections as needed for your program. Just try to keep the prospective student in mind. Do you have a photo gallery of past theater performances? Has the program won awards? Do you have accreditation notes or requirements?